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Aiki Homes leads the way in smart design and sustainable building for Whatcom County. We are proud to offer you our years of expertise to create a space you and your family will love and enjoy. Each project is design and built unique to our clients' needs and offers a combination of craftsmanship, value, and sustainability. We are confident that you will find our expertise, customer service, and exceptional quality to be top among builders.

Aiki Homes offers a personalized, step by step process to make your construction project running smooth and stress-free. Through a full range of services including real estate, planning, permitting and design, we ensure your project will be on budget and on time. 

Aiki Homes believes in building quality relationships with our clients through personal attention and reputable service throughout and after the project is complete. We place our highest values on environmental, social, and business ethics. It is our intention to apply these values to our relationship with our clients and to the homes we create.

Our commitments to creating exceptional homes is reflected in the pride and pleasure that Aiki Homes, our clients, and our community has for the work that we do.
Your green home is a smart investment in a healthy future for your family, community, and the environment.Our beautifully designed homes use resources efficiently, are healthier to live in than traditional homes, and are built to last.

Your Aiki Home saves you money.
Innovative approaches to heating and insulation save energy and gives you long term cost savings.

Your Aiki Home is a healthy home.
Our careful attention to indoor air and water quality means safer, healthier living for your family.

Your Aiki Home is part of the solution.
Environmentally friendly products and techniques create less waste and leave a smaller footprint on the earth.