Advanced Framing

Advanced house framing, sometimes called Optimum Value Engineering (OVE), refers to a variety of techniques designed to reduce the amount of lumber used and waste generated in the construction of a wood-framed house. These techniques also improve a home's energy efficiency.

The principle of advanced framing is to only use the amount of lumber in building a house that is structurally necessary. The advanced framing method requires less material (as much as 20% less) than that used in conventional methods, without sacrificing structural integrity. On the contrary, because we use less material by removing unnecessary framing components, we can afford to use higher quality material than what is typically used.

Advanced framing techniques create a structurally sound home with lower material and labor costs than a conventionally framed house.Advanced framing actually replaces lumber with insulation material and maximizes the wall that's insulated, which improves the whole-wall thermal resistance or R-value.