Aiki Homes is Thankful

Aiki Homes is blessed with a great community to work in and amazing clients to build for. Thanks to all the Millworks community for their commitment and dedication and believing in Aiki!

Aiki Homes believes that the Millworks co-housing project is a model of sustainable development. To ensure skilled craftsmenship and the highest quality, we have hired the best vendors and contractors that anyone can ask for.  We truly believe that.

There are several contributing artisans who deserve recognition.  We appreciate your creativity and commitment to responsible design and construction.

"If you count all your assets, you always show a profit."

Special Thanks to:

Debbie Todd
Building Design Services
Home Design and Rendering Services

Colleen Mitchell
2020 Engineering

Civil Engineering & Site Design

David Bradley
Bradley Engineering
Structural Engineer

Darren Dickinson
Dickinson Construction
Framing Crew

Matt Bainbridge
Bainbridge Construction
Framing Crew

Daniel J Construction

Tom LaPlante Tile Setter

Wallter with A-1 Pepperworth Plumbing

Bob Vine with VIne Electric

Coast Insulation

Robert Stockman
Pinnacle Inspections

Green Builder Verifyer


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